Farrah Abraham FLIPS OUT on Instagram: How Dare Anyone Criticize My Awful Memoir!

Farrah Abraham is a woman of many talents.

Okay, “talent” is a bit of a strong word, but the fact is, Farrah has dabbled in many different fields over the course of her career.

And while she makes more headlines for her work as a reality star, adult film actress, and terrible mother, it often seems that Ms. Abraham is more serious about her career as an author.

Yes, it’s almost impossible to believe, but Farrah is credited with writing several books.

And even though she can’t be bothered to check the titles of those books for spelling errors, Farrah seems to take her literary efforts quite seriously.

Farrah has previously penned erotic novels and guides for young Christians.

(This is back when she was still playing both sides of the fence. These days, she’s mostly given up on trying to convince anyone that she goes to church.)

But it seems that Farrah’s new memoir is her most personal effort to date.

And just because Abraham misspelled “memoir” on the cover and admittedly wrote the whole damn book on her phone, that doesn’t mean she’s okay with readers pointing out how hilariously half-assed the entire project is.

Needless to say, Farrah’s book has not received a very positive response from readers.

In fact, it’s been roasted to a crisp by Amazon reviewers, most of whom seem to have purchased the title as a joke.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has collected some of the funniest reviews, and we’d like to take this moment to express our gratitude to the brave men and women who actually bought and read a book by Farrah freakin’ Abraham.

“Take some Tums before attempting to digest this,” one reviewer wrote.

“The author explains in the beginning of the book that any errors (spelling, grammatical, etc) are due to the fact that the contents of this book were composed on a mobile device,” this person continued.

“This book reads as though the author followed popular memes that say things like “type ‘my life is’ and hit the middle button to see what sentence is made for you.”

“Narcissistic Farrah telling us how great she is…I used the pages to line my birdcage,” another reader joked.

“The word salad is very stressful to read…the writer doesn’t even know the definition of some of the words that she used,” a third critic chimed in.

“I think she actually made up a few words also. It’s almost like a toddler made-up language…that only your sibling and you understand.”

But amazingly, not all of the reviews of Farrah’s latest literary effort were negative.

“Farrah Abraham can handle and overcome adversity,” wrote one buyer, whose account identifies her only as “Carissa.”

“I am so proud of Farrah she includes equality, diversity, and learning experiences no other person could describe or her celebrity cast members never took the time to right in their books these real life points that are very important right now!!!”

Now, it seems almost certain that Carissa is actually Farrah, but apparently, the author was not content to simply push back against the critics with an obviously fake review.

Abraham also lashed out at the “haters” on Instagram, where she clapped back against the people who didn’t enjoy her book.

“Haters leave me more negative comments,” Farrah wrote.

“I’m shocked to see your trying to better yourself.”

As with so much of what Farrah writes, we’re not really sure what she was trying to say there.

But Farrah is probably convinced she made some sort of awesome point.

And since she’s really only writing for herself, we guess that’s all that matters!

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