Experiencing Eye Strain While Gaming? These Blue Light Glasses Can Help

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By now you’ve probably heard of the potential dangers of blue light, which is emitted by screens, and can disrupt our sleep schedule by tricking our brain into thinking it’s daytime. Until recently, our sole source of blue light came from the sun, but that’s changed in the era of backlit screens we keep in our pocket.

The science is still out on how much blue light effects us, if at all, but it is advised to take breaks from all screens throughout the day. That’s possible if you’re at work, or relaxing at home, but not if you’re playing video games, which require constant attention. Event blinking too much during a fast-paced multiplayer match can give your opponents an advantage.

If you play games regularly, especially at night, you may have noticed your eyes getting fatigued. One way to help prevent that, besides turning down your display’s brightness, is wearing a pair of blue light reduction glasses. These glasses have tinted lenses that can not only reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, but help reduce eye strain.

They’re an essential accessory for anyone who plays games competitively, or prefers long, late-night gaming sessions.

What Are the Best Blue Light Glasses For Gamers?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best blue glasses for gamers; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Prescription Lenses: Most of the blue light glasses in this guide can be fitted with prescription lenses, so you can wear them all the time.

Style: Many of the glasses we’ve selected for this guide allow you to choose different frames, so you can find one to match your style.

UV protection: All of our recommendations offer 100% UV (ultraviolet) light protection, so they’ll keep your eyes protected from the sun.

Sunglasses: Every pair of blue light glasses has tinted lenses, but some can be customized to be true sunglasses.

1. Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360


Gunnar’s blue light glasses are such a hit with gamers that Ubisoft, one of the most well-respected game developers partnered with them on a limited-edition pair based on its 6-Seige franchise.

We’re recommending the Lightning Bolt 360s, which come with two pairs of interchangeable lenses, three nose bridges, and three temples. It’s important that glasses fit perfectly on your face to avoid interrupting you, causing you to itch, or falling off entirely. Gunnar’s accessories prevent all three of those scenarios from happening.

You can use the Lightning Bolt 360s as standard glasses or sunglasses by swapping out the lenses included in the box. Amazon offers these glasses with non-prescriptive lenses, but you can get a prescription pair by shopping on Gunnar’s website.

Buy:Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360at$129.99

2. Zenni Blockz Hangtime


Zenni has been a major presence in the e-sports space for several years, and its Blokz line of blue light reduction glasses have become very popular.

We like these glasses because they’re incredibly customization. Zenni’s site allows you to choose between prescriptive and non-prescription lenses, and whether you’d like sunglasses or photo-chromatic lenses, which change their tint in the sunlight.

These glasses are used by e-sports teams like the Pittsburg Knights, NetsGC, Houston Outlaws, and the Golden Guardians. They’re going to be used by the Call of Duty League in the near future. If you’d like to use the same gear as the pros, Zenni’s Blokz is the way to go.

Buy:Zenni BlokzatFrom $15.95

Note: You can get 30% off polarized lenses and mirror finishes by using the promo code SUN2021 at checkout.

3. LensDirect Alden


All blue light reduction glasses use tinted lenses, which may get a little annoying if you’re playing a game that relies on you seeing colors very accurately. LensDirect’s series of blue light reduction glasses are clearer than most, which significantly reduces that issue.

LensDirect’s site allows you to choose between a ton of different lens options, from non-perscriptive to progressive. By default, these glasses will come with basic clear lenses, but you’ll want to select the BluDefend Blue-Light Blocking lenses as you progress through their customization options.

Buy:Lensdirect Aldenat$85

Note: LensDirect is currently holding a 15% off sale on all orders, just use the promo code SAVE15 at checkout.

4. Anrri Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Anrri’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a basic, inexpensive pair that are perfect for gamers who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. They’re available in a handful of colors, but can’t be outfitted with prescriptive lenses.

If you’re curious about blue light reduction glasses, and want to see whether they make a difference in your level of eye strain after playing games, this is a good pair to get.

Buy:Anrri Blue Light Blocking Glassesat$25.95

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