Everything You Need to Know About Quinta Brunson’s Super Low-Key Husband, Kevin Jay Anik

Quinta Brunson’s career is beyond impressive. I mean, the Emmy-nominated actor began as one of the youngest video content creators at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures (aka the video-production arm of the media company responsible for billions of monthly views…casual!) before going on to create and star in the mega-hit Emmy-nominated sitcom Abbott Elementary.

And although she’s been proudly vocal about the show’s *massive* success, she’s def a little (read: a lot) more hush-hush about her own private life, including her marriage to Kevin Jay Anik. How-ev-er! Lucky for you, we practically have a master’s degree in snooping, so we’ve got you covered…to the best of our abilities, LOL. I mean we did say she’s notoriously private! That said, here’s what we do know about her adorable husband Kevin:

Quinta’s husband is a sales manager

Now, I’m not saying that I could never do this job, but the fact that I still double-check simple algebra with my handy-dandy calculator app all but confirms it’s kind of tough, okay? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

News of their engagement was announced on IG

On July 30, 2020, Quinta announced her engagement with a stunning, fresh-faced selfie, complete with a close-up of her dazzling 💍💍💍. In the caption, she simply wrote, “More good news”—a reference to her previous announcement that A Black Lady Sketch Show just also happened to score an Emmy nomination.


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Oh, and their wedding was the lowest of keys

According to Showbiz Corner, Kevin and Quinta tied the knot in a v intimate ceremony with close friends and family in September 2021, a little over a year after their engagement. Yes, it was probably amazing. No, there are no public pics, sadly.

Don’t even try to look for him on social media

A true 1 of 1 kinda man, it doesn’t seem that Kevin has any form of social media. Plus (!!), he’s never appeared on Quinta’s Instagram feed. Like we said…hush-hush.


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However, they *have* been spotted out and about together

…Like once. But! It was a red carpet appearance at this year’s Time 100 Gala, which is absolutely worth approximately 37 regular sightings:

Aaaaaand that’s all we know for now! BRB, gonna start manifesting bumping into the couple—stat.

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