Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime Day 2019

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here — Amazon Prime Day! This year, the world’s biggest shopping event will last two full days & we have everything you need to know about the big event.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is right around the corner and this year, the two-day event will be held on – July 15 and 16 – marking the largest Prime Day event that Amazon has ever rolled out. Prime Day is an annual shopping event on Amazon, where the retailer rolls out an insane amount of deals on just about everything – from home to clothes, groceries, tech, fashion, beauty, and so much more. The event will start on July 15 at 12am, running for a full 48 hours through July 16 and the deals are exclusively for Prime members. See below for everything you need to know about Prime Day.

1. You must be a Prime Member to shop the deals
Although Amazon.com will be open to the public to shop normally, in order to shop the two-day event, you must be a Prime member. To do that, you can just sign up on the website for a membership or a free 30 day trial. A Prime membership costs $119 for a year or $13 a month. It doesn’t matter when you become a member, and you can even sign up for a membership on the day of the event. Even better, if your family are Prime members but you aren’t, you can ask them to invite you to share their benefits, including shopping Prime Day, at no additional cost.

2. Deals are timed
The 48-hour event includes deals on just about everything, with amazingly discounted prices, and the items on sale are always a surprise. Considering the deals are on hot ticket items, the retailer rolls out timed deals throughout the event, so consumers only have a limited time to buy something on sale. However, hot commodities sell out quickly, so if there’s something you want to buy, you have to keep refreshing the page to make sure your item is still in stock. Luckily, Amazon rolled out a feature where you can start looking at items you want a week in advance, and tap the “Watch this deal” button, so that Amazon will alert you when that item goes on sale during Prime Day.

3. Prime Day Launches
This year, Amazon is rolling out new products and launches exclusive to Prime members for a limited time. The new launches include everything from clothing to electronics, home goods, and more, and members could start shopping these launches as early as today.

4. Shop at Whole Foods & get Prime Day money
In honor of Prime Day, if you spend $10 at Whole Foods Market, which can be either in-store or on the Prime Now app, between July 3 – 16, you get $10 on Amazon for Prime Day.

5. Prime Day will feature one million deals
This year, Amazon will feature a whopping one million deals worldwide, and the first deal announced for this year’s Prime Day, is the Toshiba HD 43-Inch Fire TV Edition Smart TV, which was originally $299.99 and is now $179.99.

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