'Entourage' Star Kevin Dillon Nails Perfect Beach Selfie, Hot Woman Helps

Here’s Kevin Dillon trying to snap a photo with his smoking hot date — but it was far from easy, and really exactly the sorta thing you’d expect from Johnny Drama!!!

Yeah, Kevin seemed to be slipping back into his “Entourage” character when he hit up Paradise Cove in Malibu the day after his 55th birthday. He spent A LOT of time and effort trying to get everything just right for some IG-worthy snaps with sexy singer Amy May.

As you can see … Kevin and Amy tried a bunch of different poses on the beach, and he was definitely steering the selfie ship — searching for just the right lighting, smile and angles.

This sort of display is usually reserved for IG models and influencers … but then again, we’re dealing with Johnny freakin’ Drama here!!!

One you thing you probably won’t see if these selfies ever get to Kevin’s social media stamp of approval — Amy standing on her tiptoes. You know Drama would love her calves!!!

No word if Kevin shouted “VICTORY” once he nailed the shot — but he should have.

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