Eddie Izzard shares feminine name shes wanted to use since childhood

Eddie Izzard, 61, has explained that she now has a new name, but that people can still choose which of her names they wish to address her by. The comedian introduced the feminine moniker during an interview on Matt Forde’s Political Party podcast.

Yesterday, the Ocean’s Twelve star described how she now alternates between her original name and her new name.

The aspiring MP has been using she/her pronouns since 2020, but says she “doesn’t mind” if people use him/her pronouns when they speak to her.

“I’m Eddie,” she said. “There’s another name I’m going to add in as well, which is Suzy.

“Which I wanted to be since I was 10,” she continued. “I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard.”

Politico then reported that Eddie added: “That’s how I’m going to roll, so people can choose what they want.

“They can’t make a mistake, they can’t go wrong.”

The Primetime Emmy award-winner was previously known as a comedian who “cross-dressed” but she now identifies as a gender-fluid trans woman.

Two years ago, she stated her preference for female pronouns and that she plans to be “based in girl mode from now on”.

She has also described herself as “somewhat boy-ish and somewhat girl-ish”, using the word “transgender” as an umbrella term.

In December, 2020, the star appeared on Sky Arts series Portrait Artist of the Year, in which the show’s host Stephen Mangan and contestants referred to her using feminine pronouns.

She remembered: “I went on a programme called Portrait Artist of the Year, Sky Arts, very nice, go on there.

“Some young artists painting me, they ask me, like a coffee thing, they said, ‘She/her or he/him?’

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“I was wearing a dress and I’m based as a trans woman now, so, ‘She/her, I’ll have a latte.’ It was that kind of lack of stress.”

She said that after the episode was broadcast, she remembered being “honoured” that “in two days in America and Britain, where I’m best known, all my pronouns were changed.”

“I prefer she/her, don’t mind he/him, and I’m going to be relaxed about it. It’s not the time for fighting each other on this,” she added.

One month later, the stand-up comic appeared on ITV’s Lorraine, where she became tearful at the host’s supportive words.

“You’re a fantastic woman and a fantastic human being,” Lorraine told Eddie at the time.

“Thank so so much and good luck with all that you’re doing.

“And thank you for being so supportive… you really have been so supportive,” Eddie replied. “It’s great that you’re there – you’re a very good person.”

Listen to The Political Party podcast here.

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