Ed Sheeran Confirms He Married Cherry Seaborn With Cheeky Lyric On New Album

It’s official: Ed Sheeran is off the market. After rumors that he and Cherry Seaborn tied the knot, the singer confirmed that his love is his ‘wife’ on his brand-new record.

After months of speculation, Ed Sheeran, 28, put all the rumors to rest: yes, he and Cherry Seaborn, 27, are husband and wife. Ed confirmed this in the most Ed Sheeran of ways: with a song! “Watch how the lyrics in the songs might get twisted / My wife wears red, but looks better without the lipstick,” he sings on “Remember The Name,” his new collaboration with Eminem, 46, and 50 Cent, 44. The track, off of Ed’s No.6 Collaborations Project, pretty much confirms that he and Cherry tied the knot. However, for those who still wondered if he was being cheeky, Ed went the extra mile to clear up any confusion when speaking with Charlamagne The God.

Ed shared his interview with Charlamagne, 41, to his official YouTube channel on July 12, the same day his new album came out. During the conversation, Charlamagne brought up the “Remember the Name” lyrics. “It was actually before me and Cherry got married, and I knew that we’d be married by the point that the song came out,” Ed said. “Someone’s gonna hear that and be like, ‘Oh, they’re married!’ I didn’t know how that would be construed, but obviously, it’s already come out.”

So, there you go. It’s 2019, and Ed Sheeran is married. It’s still unclear when he and his high school sweetheart tied the knot, but Ed wordlessly indicated that he was already married in August 2018. While sitting down with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, Ed was asked about wedding details (“Have you picked a date? Do you know where? Do you know when?”) Ed’s response to these questions was to raise his left hand and show off the gold band on his finger. “Well, alright,” Scott said as Ed just smiled. “That’s exciting.” When asked how he managed to “sneak that one” in with no one looking, Ed said, “I never do anything too public, anyway.”

Ed explained earlier in 2018 that he and Cherry were “both kind of wearing rings” as a way to throw off the press. The fashion statement “means that nobody will know when we have [gotten] married.” Four months after the Access Hollywood interview, The Sun reported that Ed and Cherry had a top-secret ceremony in Suffolk, England. The reported wedding took place before Christmas, and it was so low-key, they didn’t invite any of Ed’s celebrity friends. The guest list reportedly included “Ed’s oldest school pals, limited family, and the priest. There were only 40 people,” the publication reported. “He wanted no fuss, and he wanted it to be something entirely for them – just a tiny winter wedding.”

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