Donald Trump is just committing crimes on camera, out in public nowadays

There’s been a spike in cable news viewership with all of the Donald Trump-impeachment stuff, and I am part of that spike. I’d been avoiding cable news for months after the Mueller investigation came to a close and nothing f–king happened. Little did I know (or did I?) that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats knew that they shouldn’t roll out must-see TV in the sleepy summer months. Now that autumn is upon us, Treason Season is here and the impeachment is running full speed ahead. Baby Fists knows this too – he’s been whimpering and cowering and shrieking non-stop. Yesterday, during a live Q&A session on the White House lawn, Trump invited China to open an investigation into the Bidens too:

This was actually much, much worse in context. The context was that Trump was talking about China and trade and how they’re still negotiating tariffs, and then he said this. A clear quid pro quo – Trump will roll over for China on trade if they help him dirty up his political enemies. CNN reported a few hours later that Trump had already brought up the prospect of China opening investigations into Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on a phone call to China’s President Xi. The quid pro quo was that if China investigated his enemies, Trump would “remain quiet on Hong Kong protests as trade talks progressed.” There’s a later assumption in the CNN piece that, well, basically China is doing this now. They’re already investigating Trump’s political enemies so that they can get on Trump’s good side (or so they can have a hold on him).

What else? Because it’s not enough that Trump admits his crimes in public and on camera, we’re still talking about all of the Ukraine stuff too. Trump sent two seasoned diplomats to Ukraine to strong-arm the Ukrainian president to release a statement (written by these Americans) to commit to investigating the Bidens. As in, Trump wanted a public commitment from Ukraine to investigate his enemies before he would even work with Ukrainians on anything. There’s also this story which is crazy-complicated, but it’s worth a read.

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