Demi Lovato Reveals What ‘What Other People Say’ Means to Her As Music Video Premieres – Watch!

Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer perform inside of a train car for their new music video for “What Other People Say“!

The pair premiered the visual for their powerful song, which was released a couple of weeks prior.

During the premiere live stream, Sam revealed that they had been sitting on the song for a while now, and asked Demi about what it means to her.

“This song actually, Scooter [Braun] brought to me and it was the first song that he showed me after I signed, or when I signed with him,” Demi said. “And he was like, ‘I think that, I think you’d sound amazing on this, give it a shot.’ I listened to it, and when I listened to it all the way through, I cried, because I just, the lyrics resonated so much with me. I knew in that moment I had to get on that track.”

“The song was obviously super meaningful to me for many different reasons. I just personally related to it so much. Then hearing your voice on it, was just like, oh, so… You have such a phenomenal voice,” she continued. “There are not a lot of male vocalists that could sing like you and it was just really exciting to be able to sing with someone who could sing their a– off.”

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