Dean McDermott Opens Up About His Gay Son Jack’s Dating Life

Dean McDermott is sharing his love for his oldest son, Jack, right in the wake of Pride Month.

The 52-year-old actor spoke about his 20-year-old son during the latest episode of his Daddy Issues podcast published on Monday (July 1).

“My son Jack is gay. I just think, you know, you want the best for your kid. And you don’t want to wish a life of persecution and hard times and bigotry, right? I think there’s nothing wrong with that,” he explained.

“He’s this beautiful, 6-foot-4, beautiful Adonis. He’s just a gorgeous kid.”

He also added that his son is “so quiet about who he’s dating.”

“Like, he was just here, he came for four days. And we had dinner, and he’s like, ‘So, yeah, I broke up with Steve.’ I’m like, ‘I didn’t even know you were going out with Steve. Like, you don’t tell me anything.’ He doesn’t tell me anything about his boyfriends. He’s like, ‘Yeah, We were going out for, like, a year.’…I say, ‘Yeah, as a dude why don’t you tell me?’”

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