Dan Wootton & Richard Kay both wrote about the Meghan-bullying inquiry

What’s happening right now in the British media is what I thought would happen two weeks ago, right after the Sunday Times reported on the “buried” inquiry into the Duchess of Sussex “bullying staff” at Kensington Palace. Instead, the Daily Mail and other outlets were curiously silent for about ten days… almost as if they “buried” their unhinged stories until it was more convenient for Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. Now it’s more convenient, with the Windsors actively trying to distract from how excessive they are, how expensive they are to maintain, and how little the British public gets in return. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, suddenly the Mail has TONS of coverage about Meghan, the fakakta “bullying” story and how it’s Meghan’s fault that the Palace won’t release their report…?

First up, Dan Wootoon wrote a very special, unhinged screed about how Meghan clearly demanded that the Palace bury the bullying inquiry… to protect her future presidential run here in America. I sh-t you not. Wootton quotes a courtier, who told him in 2019 that there was a belief within the Palace that Meghan wanted to run for office because she is “obsessed with US politics.” Wootton is now convinced of the same thing, and he believes that Meghan’s eventual political campaign is why… the Palace decided to bury the bullying inquiry and not release the report? Wootton calls on the Palace to “release the findings” even though he fears “senior royals have put family relations ahead of what’s morally right by keeping the report forever secret and refusing to even detail what processes and policies have changed as a result of the complaints against Meghan.” Wootton also accuses Meghan of “emasculating” Harry because she spoke about how Harry is a feminist…

So, clearly, marching orders were handed out. Not just to Wootton, but to Richard Kay and Rebecca English as well. Given that Clarence House was openly briefing about Prince Charles spending time with Archie and Lilibet, and given Buckingham Palace’s express wish to dial down the Sussex drama, we’re left with one royal court – Kensington Palace. KP cannot let it go. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cannot let it go. Their staff cannot let it go. Their media handlers at the Daily Mail cannot let it go. It’s also pretty clear that William, Kate and their staffers don’t even understand that they’re the ones being protected here, not Meghan.

Regarding the Richard Kay piece, you can read it here if you want. He just repeats all of last year’s reporting around the “bullying accusations,” refuses to acknowledge the fact that KP staffers rescinded their claims, and adds one new piece of information to the drama: before Harry married Meghan, he used to make coffee for KP staffers. When he married Meghan, he stopped. Seriously, imagine going to the Daily Mail and whining about that. My God.

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