Dan Walker reacts to claims he ‘can’t be a***d’ to do book signings… unlike Piers Morgan

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Dan Walker, 43, can’t catch a break from persnickety viewers who love to take a pop at the fan-favourite BBC Breakfast presenter. And this time was no different, as he found himself having to defend not holding book signings for his new novel Remarkable People, the reason being because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. And he isn’t half wrong, despite yet another snide comparison to his ITV rival Piers Morgan.

I would love to be out there signing books and meeting people but there is this thing about at the moment called the pandemic

Dan Walker

The two presenters released their new books at around the same time, with Piers’ Wake Up, hitting The Sunday Times ‘best-sellers’ list within days.

But it doesn’t seem like the Good Morning Britain presenter is holding signings either, despite a disgruntled viewer believing he would.

With prime minister Boris Johnson declaring the whole of England back into a national lockdown as of Thursday 5th November, now wouldn’t be the best time to organise a gathering of people.

For one, it’s against the strict lockdown rules and Dan didn’t feel it was the right thing to do in order in order to keep other people safe.

But others unfortunately, had a different view.

Responding to a tweet that’s since been deleted, Dan revealed he wouldn’t be holding a signing anytime soon: “What a lovely message. Sadly, I can’t do any signings at the moment but I have signed 5000 copies of ‘Remarkable People’. Most of them have gone to @Waterstones @sainsburys @asda and independent book shops.”

He added: “I hope that helps. I’ll also carry a pen around in case we meet.”

His response was picked up by another user who criticised the BBC star for not wanting to meet and greet his fans and compared him to Piers, who they believed would have jumped at the opportunity.

“Can’t do….or can’t be arsed to?” they snapped.

“Wouldn’t see that level of shirking from @piersmorgan – but that’s the difference, he’s a man of the people!!!”

Dan, among others, was astonished at the comment but he knew how to answer gracefully.

“I would love to be out there signing books and meeting people but there is this thing about at the moment called the pandemic #fooligan,” he hit back.

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Others were quick to agree with the presenter, with one saying: “Absolutely Dan, good to see you lead by example.”

“You can’t do right for doing wrong. Well done for keeping your cool & good luck with the new book,” another cheered.

A third wasn’t too sure if they believed his reasoning: “Book signings are crap anyway… but to say you can’t because it’s not safe is also crap. You could easily do it safely if you wanted to. Anyway, no argument being sought by me, it’s your choice.”

Someone else suggested another way he could sign some more copies without holding an actual event: “Could you not get the publisher to send you a few more boxes to sign at home? Just a thought.”

Piers revealed earlier in the year he had signed 1500 copies of his own book before it was published.

He has since gifted some to his celebrity pals across the world, including Catherine Jenkins and famed actor David Hasselhoff.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC and GMB continues at the same time over on ITV.

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