Coolio's Last Performance Was With Vanilla Ice, Ice Remembers His Friend

Coolio performed his last show ever last week in Texas with Vanilla Ice, who says he’s mourning his late friend’s death.

Vanilla Ice tells TMZ he couldn’t sleep Wednesday night after learning Coolio died, and he woke up Thursday morning “still in shock and freaking out.”

Coolio and Ice go way back, and they were touring together for the past 6 years on the “I Love The 90s” show, including a stop last week in Cypress, TX which ended up being Coolio’s last gig.

Vanilla Ice tells us Coolio came out onstage with him Friday night to freestyle during his set, and after the show, they hung out in Ice’s dressing room with Coolio smiling and talking about life and seeming to be in great shape. The last thing Coolio said to Vanilla Ice … “See you tomorrow, homie.”

Coolio Dead at 59

TMZ broke the story … Coolio died Wednesday at a friend’s house in downtown Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources tell us first responders performed CPR for 45 minutes in an effort to revive the rapper.

Vanilla Ice says he can’t stop thinking about how last week’s gig was Coolio’s last performance ever … and he’s remembering Coolio as a legend whose legacy will live on through his music.

Ice adds … “My heart goes out to all the family. I’m truly devastated. He was a great friend.”

TMZ obtained video of Coolio’s last performance, and folks who were there say he performed on stage for 45 minutes and was talking a lot to the crowd. We’re told his voice seemed really raspy, but he didn’t appear ill.

As we first told you … Coolio was in Los Angeles for an issue with his passport when he died, as he had some upcoming shows scheduled in Germany.

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