Ciara’s Zodiac Sign Says She’s Such A Loyal Partner

Ciara’s marriage to Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson is the kind of love story you normally only see in movies. The two had a chance meeting at a college basketball game that was essentially love at first sight, their first public appearance together was at the Obama White House, and the two were married a year later. They now have one child together and another on the way. Plus, the love between them is just so obvious every time you see them together. But then when you take Ciara’s zodiac sign into account, this kind of passionate love makes so much sense.

Ciara was born Oct. 25, 1985, under the sign of Scorpio. If you’ve ever been loved by a Scorpio, then you know what an intense and all-encompassing experience it can be. Scorpio doesn’t do anything halfway. They’re either all-in or all-out on a relationship, and when they’re in they expect their partner to be just as devoted. For some people, this can be a bit too intense or intimidating, but for those who can appreciate Scorpio’s nature, they get a partner whose loyalty and passion is unsurpassed. With all that in mind, this is what Ciara’s like as a partner based on her zodiac sign.

Scorpio loves hard.

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Scorpio’s a powerhouse of a sign. They exude strength thanks to their connection to Pluto, the heavenly body associated with power and transformation. But what might come as a surprise is that this water sign’s far more emotional and vulnerable than they might first appear. Beneath their armor, they’re all heart and they crave deep, romantic connections that will allow them to fully bear that soft and loving side they keep hidden. When you’re loved by a Scorpio, it’s intense, because when someone has proven themselves to be worthy, Scorpio holds nothing back.

Their biggest struggles are trust and jealousy.

Because Scorpio loves so hard and so deeply, they have a lot of vulnerability to protect. Beneath all their confidence and bravado, Scorpio knows that love is their greatest weakness. They put themselves out there completely, so a broken heart can be even more devastating. That leads this sign to be pretty possessive. What’s theirs is theirs, and anyone who threatens that connection will feel Scorpio’s sting. Loyalty’s absolutely everything to Scorpio, and when they feel like they can fully trust someone there’s no other sign who has their partner’s back more than them. They’ll fiercely protect the ones they love through the hardest of times. But have no doubt, they expect the same level of dedication and loyalty in return.

Scorpios have a well-earned reputation for being passionate lovers.

Scorpio’s known as the most sexual sign in the zodiac, and, well, it’s because they are. Along with an emotional connection, Scorpio needs to be sexually compatible with their partner in order to thrive in the relationship. They also have a high sex drive, so they need someone who can keep up in the bedroom. As much as they’re all heart, they prefer passion to romance, and they’re uninhibited and at their most confident in bed.

The bottom line is that Scorpios like Ciara make for unforgettable partners. They’re passionate, powerful, fantastic lovers, and as loyal a partner as you’ll ever find. No wonder Wilson always looks so smitten — you would be too.

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