Cheryl Burke Accuses 'Dancing with the Stars' Scoring of Being "Not Consistent" After Elimination

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke were voted off Dancing with the Stars last night after AJ made a small mistake while performing a Viennese Waltz, and Cheryl is not thrilled.

“There’s rules in ballroom, and as far a I’m concerned this is a ballroom show, I thought,” she told Entertainment Tonight, adding that she thinks the scoring is “just not consistent.”

“I already had his other two routines choreographed for the Semi-Finals,” Cheryl said. “Normally I’m not that confident going in, but I was like, ‘For sure, there’s no way [we’ll get eliminated].'”

Meanwhile, AJ told the outlet that “This was the first time we’ve messed up in a dance since the beginning, at all, but in my honest opinion I think the way we handled it was like a couple of pros.” He added, “I’ve always been one to bow out from whatever the situation is with ease and grace and with a lot of gratitude.”

Aw. I, for one, will miss them! Check out their final dance below:

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