Captain Sir Tom Moore eyes up James Bond role after launching poignant podcast

Captain Sir Tom Moore has teased his next mission as a James Bond movie star – and Daniel Craig had better watch out…

Not content with being a beacon of light during lockdown, raising more than £32million for NHS staff on the coronavirus frontline and becoming firm friends with David Beckham and the Queen, he wants to take on the big screen.

And we’re so on board. 

Speaking to to highlight his new podcast, The Originals, with Cadbury’s and Age UK, the 100-year-old joked that he would be keen to replace 007, as No Time To Die marks Daniel’s last stint as the spy.

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‘Yes, I wouldn’t mind being James Bond,’ he told us.

‘That would be a good part to play because he always comes out best, he’s always the winner in the end. 

‘So being James Bond would be a very good idea.’

Over to you, Warner Bros…

While he might have his sights on the next Bond film – and we absolutely need this to happen – it was revealed there is a film on his own life set to hit the cinemas.

And lifting the lid on who he’d love to in the starring role, Captain Tom laughed: ‘I don’t know, is there anybody left who could do that? 

‘I hope so, and I hope they find some person who could do the job and enjoy doing it. Parts of it I wouldn’t recommend. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend having my right leg, I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody. 

‘But all the good parts, yes, I’ve got got some good parts that people would be quite happy to have. Who that may be, I really wouldn’t know. I have to wait and see. 

‘The name that keeps coming up most of all is Michael Caine, that’s the one people keep suggesting to me, might be the person to take over the part. If so, well, good luck, because he is a very nice person so he’ll fill the part well. 

‘I don’t recommend parts of it very much. When you get to be 100, there’s times when you [think], maybe that’s probably not a good time to play. If I was him, I would want to play me 50/60 years ago. 100 is not a good time for a person to play me.’

Seeing as he raised the spirits of the entire nation, while raising millions for charity to mark his 100th birthday, we absolutely disagree.

As well as all this, Captain Tom has also been busy making a podcast with Cadbury’s and Age UK, to support the Donate Your Words campaign.

Discussing what they are hoping to do with the podcast, his daughter Hannah explained they are aiming to ‘connect’ older people.

‘Specifically, just don’t ask older people did they sleep well? What’s the weather like?’ she continued. ‘All old people have an incredibly powerful stories to tell and that was what drew me to thinking it would be a lovely thing for my father to do so. 

‘It was about connecting. If you think what happened with the phenomena, and still is continuing to happen, is this incredible connection around the world, connecting people across gender, gender, race, nationality, social status, and age.

‘So it seemed like the perfect thing to do.’

The guests taking part share their own stories – including a woman who shared a kiss with Elvis Presley – as a way of encouraging listeners to spark conversations with the older members of society.

And Captain Tom insisted his guests ‘have some very interesting things to say’.

‘The very fact that they’re continuing and making their presence felt is very important,’ he added. ’It’s really important that old people do have their say, and they explain to the current generation, a lot of the things that have happened to them, and their experiences that are going on.

‘It’s important that young people make sure that they listen to the old people and their stories. Otherwise, eventually, it’s all going to be forgotten. Lots of the experiences are not put into print or not made relatively available. 

‘It is important for the old people, and I consider myself one of the old people, that the younger generation show some interest and are prepared to pick up lots of the things that would be otherwise forgotten, if they didn’t collect it from the old people.’

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s The Originals podcast is available to stream now on Spotify.

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