Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez went to the Lakers-Celtics game last night

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have both wrapped on their autumn films. He was in Texas, she was in Canada and they would often try to spend some time together on weekends away. But now they’re both back in LA and they’re spending a lot of time together. Late-autumn Bennifer! Early Winter Bennifer. Holiday Season Bennifer. Over the weekend, they took their kids to see a movie – I think Licorice Pizza? – and they got pap’d going into the theater. J.Lo’s sweater is Valentino, for those wondering.

Then last night, Holiday Season Bennifer went to the Lakers-Celtics NBA game in LA. I would assume Ben is a Celtics fan, because he tends to root for all of the Boston teams. Is J.Lo a Lakers fan? Does she even care? Anyway, they sat courtside and Ben looked so, so happy. This video had a wonderful cameo by LeBron James too.

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 8, 2021

Here they are getting a roar of cheers when they were put on the Jumbotron. So cute. Ben is having so much fun.

Best of wishes for an everlasting love affair!

— LAKER GIRL (@LakersJo) December 8, 2021

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, screencap.

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