Ant and Dec fume at Im A Celeb fan fury at needless World Cup jibe

I’m A Celeb: Ant and Dec address Charlene’s ‘RV-gate’

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Ant McPartlin, 47, and Declan Donnelly, 47, have rarely been fazed by complaints about their shticks and jokes in hosting ventures. However, the pair seemingly had enough when one I’m A Celebrity viewer took to Twitter with their opinion about the pair’s topical World Cup joke last night. 

During the live segments of the entertainment show, hosts Ant and Dec often share the latest news from camp intertwined with current affairs from the outside world. 

As two notorious football fans, many saw it only as a matter of time before the pair managed to bring World Cup news and results into their segment.

Earlier on Tuesday, Australia was left devastated by France on the football field, and the cheeky duo couldn’t help but take the mickey out of the Australians surrounding them. 

Dec welcomed I’m A Celeb viewers back from an ad break with the words: “Live from Australia, one, France, four, sorry too soon?”

The Australian crew behind the camera could be heard giggling, gasping and booing the hosts. 

Ant chirped in saying: “They hate us now.” but it was later revealed that the crew may not be the only ones who were aggrieved by the quip.

One fan watching from home had been carefully avoiding spoilers and planned to watch highlights of the game later. 

Peter Halpin wrote on Twitter: “Trust Ant and Dec to needlessly reveal the football scores just before the highlights come on.

“I’m not sure what they find funny.”

While the hosting pair often get tagged and slammed online, they chose to reply to this particular criticism. 

They wrote: “We were taking the mick out of our Aussie crew after a loss in the WC. 

“I don’t understand what you don’t understand!?”

“Maybe stop watching live tv and stay off Twitter if u want to control what you do and don’t hear.”

Peter received a barrage of comments from other Twitter users agreeing with the hosts. 

One pointed out his poor planning: “You wanted to avoid the Australia score so you chose to watch a show by 2 huge football fans IN AUSTRALIA?”

Peter reacted, claiming he had learnt his lesson, but not before taking another jab at the hosts. 

He wrote: “You’re right, I will not make the mistake watching them next time. 

“I think a lot of hosts are sports fans but the majority choose to just hosts their shows! Oh well.”(sic)

There are currently seven celebrities left in the jungle after Boy George’s exit on Tuesday evening.

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV at 9pm. 

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