Angel Strawbridge leaves Dick taken aback as she searches for another chateau

Dick Strawbridge was less than impressed when his wife Angel confessed to checking out other chateaus on the market in her spare time.

Angel’s admission came during the first episode of the couple’s podcast, Dick & Angel’s Chat…Eau.

While discussing the couple’s passion for chateaus, she divulged: “I can’t help it, we’re just chateau junkies!

“I just like to see what’s out there still, and you hear – ‘well, the market’s different now’ – the terrain is slightly different, you know, because things have happened politically.

“But there are still bargains to be had out there, especially if you’re prepared…”

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However, Dick, 64, stopped his wife, 45, in her tracks as he exclaimed: “You really actually check out chateaus on a weekly basis?”

“Yes an email comes every Sunday – are you not on the database darling?” Angel replied.

Revealing a big difference of opinion between the Escape to the Chateau stars, Dick hit back: “Of course I’m not, darling!

“I’d rather stick a pin in my eye than look at other chateaus – I’ve done enough of that now!”

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Explaining her tendency to have a browse of the housing market, Angel told her other half: “It doesn’t matter if I find somewhere that’s nice.

“And you’re you’ve been with me, we always look in the windows of estate agents!”

“Yeah but that’s because you’re weird, you do that anyway,” he quipped in response.

“No I think everyone does that,” Angel insisted.

Continuing to bicker with her, Dick chuckled: “No they don’t.

“We started off saying we’re going to explain to you how we’re sitting here in this chateau talking to you.

“Well, we are in this one and I have got no b****y intention of being anywhere else and in another chateau.”

Dick went on to insist he plans on spending the rest of his life at the family’s famous home, Château de la Motte-Husson in the Mayenne département of France, before being buried there.

He added: “I’m going to get planted out there, because the idea of having another chateau or even looking at another chateau…

“Unless of course we had two – one each – his and hers,” Dick suggested.

The couple first invested in the French chateau in 2015, before completing lengthy renovations to the building, which is now thought to be worth over £2 million.

Dick & Angel’s Chat…eau is available on Global Player and all major podcast providers weekly.

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