Abandoned Bike Checked for Fingerprints by Cops in Brian Laundrie Case

Cops were called to the scene where an abandoned bike was found just a few miles from where surveillance video was shot of a man who resembles Brian Laundrie … TMZ has learned.

An autoworker named Jon in Hernando, FL tells us he discovered the bike behind his shop — he believes it was left there either Friday night or Saturday morning. Jon called the cops, who came to the scene and fingerprinted the bike Tuesday.

Jon says officers only spent about 15 minutes on scene, but told him Laundrie tips come in quite frequently to their department … and most are dead ends.

The location of the bike is interesting … considering we obtained a surveillance video shot in the area last week of a man who resembled Laundrie, riding a bike on a deserted road surrounded by heavy brush. In the video … you see the man struggle to pedal on the sandy road, wearing a very large backpack. The area where the man was riding is 3 hours from the home of Laundrie’s parent.

We should say … the design of the two bikes appears to be different, but nonetheless, the abandoned bike was suspicious enough for cops to come out.

Laundrie has been on the run for more than a month now, and it’s widely believed he had something to do with the murder of his fiance, Gabby Petitio. Authorities say Petito was strangled to death, and her body left in the wilderness for weeks before being discovered.

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